Grow your users into security assets!

A lack of end-user security awareness is a symptom, not the cause, of IT security concerns. When users are victimized as part of phishing, ransomware, or other attacks, it hurts the organization's productivity. Unfortunately, this can cause end-users to become embarrassed, defensive, and withdraw from IT security staff members, rather than learn from the experience.


At ContexSure Networks, we believe end-users can learn about security and become a powerful line of defense for your organization with the right outreach, communication, and service resolution. We believe in "teachable moments" where end-users can be receptive to IT security messaging as part of their workflows. With ContexSure, we engage users and help them see that IT security is an ally, not an obstacle.

Bring PEACE to your users and your network

The Policy Enforcement and Access Control for End-points (PEACE) system tackles three major needs for organizations:

  • End-User Security Engagement: Mandatory training rarely has an impact on organizational security. Organizations need end-users to understand how they fit into the organization's security defenses and what they should be doing as they interact with potentially risky outsiders. They also need a good working relationship with IT so they know how to get help.
  • Detailed Understanding of the Network, Users, and Applications: To make good decisions, IT needs an operating context. Who is doing what? What software is involved? Did this come from an email link? What was in that email? Do we have history with the outside entity? What is the business need? Does our internal user understand and practice good operational security?
  • Rapid Security Decision Making: IT is always over-worked and under-resourced. IT staffers must make decisions quickly and accurately. They need information provided in context with tools to rapidly turn decisions into policy. They need tools to provide users with relevant and useful feedback and continue building the end-user relationship, even in a hectic setting.


With PEACE, your organization will get important benefits:

Engaged and Empowered End-Users
By listening to end-users and sharing their goals, we help IT staff gain end-user respect and engagement. End-users will become "part of the team" and not think that IT security is "somebody else's job."

Detailed Understanding of the User's Context
With an end-point presence, PEACE can see how a user navigates applications and can provide the IT staff with background on what the user is doing and why. By providing this information to analysts upfront, we avoid round-trip times and resolve issues faster.

Rapid, Organization-Wide System Management
When an analyst reaches a verdict, PEACE turns it into policy quickly. We integrate with software on the end-user's machine to implement changes and inform the user. We resolve help desk tickets. We update third-party hardware and software firewalls. And, importantly, we remember for next time.

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